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Discover Which Spanish Stereotype Describes You Best

Spanish Stereotype Quiz

Ever wonder what type of Spaniard you would be? There are plenty of stereotypes about Spain floating around out there. Some are true, while others are completely false. Still, stereotypes can give us a window into a another culture’s lifestyle. Which aspect of Spanish society do you relate to best?  

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Best Spanish Movies to Enjoy with the Whole Family

10 Best Spanish movies for the entire family th

You know what’s a fun way to brush up on your Spanish? Watching movies. Movies are wonderful for improving both your listening comprehension and vocabulary. While there are tons of great Spanish movies out there, not all of them are appropriate for little ears or for sitting down to watch with older folks. Want to […]

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20 Spanish Dishes for All Seasons

spanish foods

Spain is so full of amazing food that it was hard to narrow this list down to only 20 dishes. It took many late night dinners and taste tests, but we have compiled our favourite 20 dishes that are classics in Spain. 1 . Paella Paella is native to Valencia and is something that everyone […]

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11 Best Spanish Comics for All Levels

11 best spanish comics for all levels

Sometimes language learning can become a little monotonous. Why not switch things up a little by trying a new approach? Reading comics is a great way to still get exposure to the language, while getting in a few laughs along the way. Read on for a list of eleven of the best Spanish-language comics around. […]

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Easy Spanish Recipes You Can Cook Today

easy spanish recipes you can cook today

One of the best ways to learn about a culture is through its food. And there is a huge variety in Spanish food! As you travel from one end of the country to the next, you’ll find a wide range of different dishes and specially made local cuisine. Want to bring a little piece of […]

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20 Best Spanish Movies for Learning Spanish

Best Movies Filmed in Spain

Watching films in Spanish is a fantastic way to practise your listening, and to pick up new vocabulary. However, the benefits of watching films in a different language can also allow you to peek into a different culture, learn new historical, cultural, and social aspects of the language. We’ve put together some films for you […]

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Quiz: How Spanish Are You?

quiz how spanish are you

Are you planning a trip to Spain and want to see how well you’ll fit in? Have you already been in Spain and are wondering how much “Spanishness” you retained? Or, maybe you’re just curious because you’ve always been interested in Spanish culture. Either way, if you have ever wondered just how “Spanish” you are, […]

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A Playlist of Best Spanish Songs: Listen for Free

best Spanish Songs

One of the ways you can train your ears in listening and understanding another language is through music. It is for this reason that we have compiled a list of some of the best Spanish songs into a playlist. To make it even better for you to practice your Spanish, you can also sing along to […]

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10 Tips for Tourists in Spain

tips for tourists in spain

A vacation to Spain can be absolutely wonderful! There’s so much to see, experience, try, and discover. From one corner of the country to the next, you’ll find endless amounts of history, culture, delicious food, and breathtaking sights. But, traveling around a foreign country can be an interesting yet sometimes awkward experience! That’s where this […]

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10 Spanish TV Shows to Learn Spanish

Spanish TV Shows

One of the best ways to learn a language is through hearing it spoken by natives. What better way to hear a language than through TV? Watching Spanish TV can help you not only acquire more vocabulary and become familiar with the pronunciation and grammar, but also give you a little insight into the culture. […]

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