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19 Surprising Facts to Strike up a Conversation about Spain

Surprising Facts About Spain

Awkward silences–the slow, painful death of a conversation. Those moments can feel like an eternity as you rack your brain for something to say. What better way to revive a conversation than by filling that uncomfortable lull with fun, little-known facts? Everyone loves trivia, right? Well to save you some time, we’ve gone ahead and […]

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A Quick Guide to Making Small Talk in Spanish

Spanish Conversation Basics

Small talk can be light-hearted and easy or dreadfully awkward. No matter what, though, one thing is for certain–it’s unavoidable. And now, you’re learning Spanish. This means you’ll have to make small talk–in Spanish. Ready for some Spanish conversations? Cue the nerves!  How do you go about doing this? How do you break the ice and […]

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If You Can Pass this Quiz, You Definitely Get Basic Spanish Grammar!


Some people love grammar; some people hate it. No matter what, though, we all need to learn it. How are you doing with this area of Spanish? Test your knowledge of basic Spanish grammar with this quiz.  

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[Quiz] Do You Know These Common Spanish Phrases?

Spanish Phrases Quiz

Just starting out with Spanish but feeling confident enough to put your skills to the test? You’ve come to the right place! Take this quiz to test your knowledge of the basic expressions every Spanish student should be familiar with.  

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Only True Spanish History Buffs Can Pass This Quiz

Spanish History Quiz

Fancy yourself a Spanish history buff? Well, let’s put that claim to the test. It’ll only take a few moments to officially earn your title as “Spanish History Buff.”

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Quiz: Which Spanish Region Fits You Best?

Which Spanish Region Fits You Best

Spanish regions are diverse–from the rolling meadows of the North to the sandy beaches of the South, each place has something unique to offer. Which Spanish region would be the best for you? Take the quiz below to find out! Remember: This quiz is only for fun! In addition, if your perfect answer isn’t offered, […]

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8 Ways to Boost Your Reading Skills in Spanish

Spanish reading FB

Reading is such a great activity. It’s relaxing, educational, and a great escape from reality. Reading in Spanish is a wonderful way to do all of that, and improve your language ability at the same time! Want to get great at reading in Spanish? Read on for some fun, easy tips to help you get […]

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The Ultimate Spanish Conjugation Quiz

Spanish Conjugation Quiz

Conjugations are an annoyingly necessary part of learning Spanish. From day one, Spanish language students are immersed in a world of “first-person singular; second-person singular familiar, third person…” Well, I don’t think I need to go on. Want to put your conjugation skills to the test? Take the quiz below to find out where you […]

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Spain’s Best-Kept Secrets: Unusual Places to See and Things to Do

Spain’s Best-Secrets- Places

Spain is a country that has something to offer anyone. There is no shortage of breathtaking landscapes, rich history, and surprises to be found at every turn. The problem is, you have to know where to look for said surprises. Read on for a quick list of some of the strangest, most unique things that […]

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10 Fun Ways to Learn Spanish Throughout the Day

Fun Ways to Learn Spanish

Learning a foreign language requires a lot more than just spending a few hours a week in a classroom.It’s a process that takes dedication and focus to be fluent at it.But you know what makes it easier? If you’re having fun learning the language! If you are really in this for the long haul and won’t […]

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