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5 Lovely Spanish Poems with English Translation

Lovely Spanish Poems

Are you looking for short poems in the Spanish language? Here are five wonderful poems from great writers such as Edgar Allan Poe, Federico García Lorca, Amado Nervo, and Pablo Neruda.The poems are also translated in English to be better appreciated by non-Spanish speakers and beginner Spanish language learners. We hope you will enjoy the […]

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Spanish Christmas Songs Playlist You Can Listen for Free

Spanish Christmas Songs

What better way for Spanish learners like you to get into the holiday spirit than to listen to a playlist of specially selected Spanish Christmas songs? Here in this article, we’ll be sharing a playlist of Spanish holiday music that you can listen to for free. Even better, you can also sing along to the […]

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19 Surprising Facts to Strike up a Conversation about Spain

Surprising Facts About Spain

Awkward silences–the slow, painful death of a conversation. Those moments can feel like an eternity as you rack your brain for something to say. What better way to revive a conversation than by filling that uncomfortable lull with fun, little-known facts? Everyone loves trivia, right? Well to save you some time, we’ve gone ahead and […]

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A Quick Guide to Making Small Talk in Spanish

Spanish Conversation Basics

Small talk can be light-hearted and easy or dreadfully awkward. No matter what, though, one thing is for certain–it’s unavoidable. And now, you’re learning Spanish. This means you’ll have to make small talk–in Spanish. Cue the nerves! How do you go about doing this? How do you break the ice and take the first step […]

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Only True Spanish History Buffs Can Pass This Quiz

Spanish History Quiz

Fancy yourself a Spanish history buff? Well, let’s put that claim to the test. It’ll only take a few moments to officially earn your title as “Spanish History Buff.”

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10 Beautiful Spanish Love Quotes that will Melt Your Heart

Beautiful Spanish Love Quotes

Are you looking for beautiful Spanish quotes about love? Whether it’s about: the meaning of love the bittersweet emotion of loving and letting go hope for long distance love or simply some random sweet musings …these romantic lines will surely melt your heart. Feel free to share these to your friends and loved ones! The images are […]

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10 Best Spanish Novels to Improve your Spanish — for All Levels

Spanish Novels Learn Spanish

One of the best ways to learn a foreign language is through “authentic materials” or, simply put, things that were originally produced in the language. Reading books written in Spanish is not only a great way to improve your language skills, but also helps to teach you a lot about the culture that created it! […]

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Discover Which Spanish Stereotype Describes You Best

Spanish Stereotype Quiz

Ever wonder what type of Spaniard you would be? There are plenty of stereotypes about Spain floating around out there. Some are true, while others are completely false. Still, stereotypes can give us a window into a another culture’s lifestyle. Which aspect of Spanish society do you relate to best?  

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Best Spanish Movies to Enjoy with the Whole Family

10 Best Spanish movies for the entire family th

You know what’s a fun way to brush up on your Spanish? Watching movies. Movies are wonderful for improving both your listening comprehension and vocabulary. While there are tons of great Spanish movies out there, not all of them are appropriate for little ears or for sitting down to watch with older folks. Want to […]

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20 Spanish Dishes for All Seasons

spanish foods

Spain is so full of amazing food that it was hard to narrow this list down to only 20 dishes. It took many late night dinners and taste tests, but we have compiled our favourite 20 dishes that are classics in Spain. 1 . Paella Paella is native to Valencia and is something that everyone […]

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