About us by My Daily Spanish

About us by My Daily Spanish



My Daily Spanish is a website created to provide a fun and fresh take on learning Spanish—regardless of how busy you are.


Our goal is to:

  • Help you create a daily learning habit that you will stick to until you reach fluency, and
  • Make learning Spanish as enjoyable as possible for people of all ages.


With the help of awesome content, a tried-and-tested method, and lots of fun thrown into the mix, we hope to make My Daily Spanish the best place on the web to learn Spanish.  


The website is continuously updated with free resources and useful materials to help you learn Spanish. This includes grammar and vocabulary lessons plus culture topics to help you thrive in a Spanish-speaking location–perfect not only for those who wish to learn Spanish, but also for travelers planning to visit Spanish-speaking destinations.




Frédéric BIBARD is the founder of My Daily Spanish. Following the success of his French language website www.talkinfrench.com which he launched three years ago, he is now looking to provide cool and fun resources to Spanish learners by pouring the same amount of effort and dedication that he did for Talk in French.


Frédéric fully believes that the best way to learn a language is to develop a learning habit. A good learning habit will ensure your success in achieving proficiency in ANY language. He designed My Daily Spanish and Talk in French to help you with that.


Anastasia (details coming soon)


Janey Montebon-Duterte handles content management for My Daily Spanish and tries to keep things running behind the scenes.


You can contact the My Daily Spanish team for any questions and concerns at [email protected].


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