93 Useful Spanish Subjunctive Phrases


BY Ana

November 26, 2016

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3 useful spanish subjunctive phrases

The subjunctive is hardly any Spanish language learner’s favorite topic to discuss, but cheer up! With this list of Spanish subjunctive phrases, plus a previous article which you can access HERE, you can be on your way to surviving---and even kicking ass---on the topic of Spanish subjunctive.

Here’s your list! Feel free to download a copy of the PDF which can be accessed at the end of this article.

Spanish subjunctive phrases related to expressions of feelings or emotions

1Amar queTo love that
2Gustar queTo like that
3Apreciar queTo appreciate that
4Temer queTo fear that
5Vergüenza de queTo be ashamed that
6Deplorar queTo deplore that
7Detestar queTo detest that
8Sorprenderse queTo be surprised that
9Estar feliz queTo be happy that
10Odiar queTo hate that
11Estar triste queTo be sad that
12Es extraño queIt is strange that
13Arrepentirse queTo regret that
14Lamentar queTo be sorry that
15Es útil queIt is useful that
16Es inútil queIt is useless that
17Es bizarro queIt is odd that
18Es confuso queIt is confusing that
19Es gracioso queIt is funny that
20Llorar queTo cry that

Related to expressions of will such as orders, advice or desires

21Preferir queTo prefer that
22Comandar queTo order that
23Demandar queTo ask that
24Desear queTo desire that
25Ordenar queTo order that
26Prevenir queTo prevent that (something from happening)
27Evitar queTo avoid that
28Exigir queTo demand that
29Es de esperarse queIt is to be hoped that
30Es esencial queIt is essential that
31Es importante queIt is important that
32Es natural queIt is natural that
33Es necesario queIt is necessary that
34Es normal queIt is normal that
35Es tiempo queIt is time that
36Es urgente queIt is urgent that
37Es requerido queIt is required that
38Es mejor queIt is better that
39Es peor queIt is worst that
40Restringir queTo restrict that
41Sugerir queTo suggest that
42Insistir queTo insist that
43Querer queTo want that
44Oponerse queTo oppose that

Spanish subjunctive phrases related to expressions of opinion, possibility or doubt

45Aceptar queTo accept that
46Dudar queTo doubt that
47Es conveniente queIt is convenient that
48Es apropiado queIt is appropiate that
49Es posible queIt is possible that
50Es dudoso queIt is doubtful that
51Es imposible queIt is impossible that
52Es probable queIt is probable that
53Es improbable queIt is improbable that
54Es justo queIt is fair that
55Es evidente queIt is evident that
56Es obvio queIt is obvious that
57No es correcto queIt is not correct/right that
58No es verdad queIt is not true that
59Puede ser queIt may be that
60El hecho queThe fact that
61Negar queTo deny that
62Suponer queTo suppose that
63Juzgar queTo judge that
64Concluir queTo conclude that

Negative or interrogatory statements that need the subjunctive

65Es queIt’s that
66Creer queTo believe that
67Decir queTo say that
68Esperar queTo hope that
69Estar seguro de queTo be sure that
70Estar certero queTo be certain that
71Está claro queIt is clear that
72Pensar queTo think that
73Saber queTo know that
74En el sentido queTo mean that
75Encontrar queTo find that
76Es evidente queIt is clear/obvious that

Conjunctive phrases that need the subjunctive

77Siempre queProvided that
78A menos queUnless
79Asumiendo queAssuming that
80Suponiendo queSupposing that
81Así queSo that
82Antes queBefore
84De modo queSo that
85Por miedo queFor fear that
86Sin queWithout
87Mientras queWhile
88Sin importar queNo matter what
89Proveyendo queProvided that
91Ahora queNow that
92Luego queAfter that
93Sabiendo queKnowing that

That wasn’t so bad, huh? As promised, here’s the downloadable PDF.

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Spanish Subjunctive Phrases

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