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The Ultimate Spanish Conjugation Quiz

Conjugations are an annoyingly necessary part of learning Spanish.

From day one, Spanish language students are immersed in a world of “first-person singular; second-person singular familiar, third person…” Well, I don’t think I need to go on.

Want to put your conjugation skills to the test? Take the quiz below to find out where you rank in the world of Spanish verbs.


Need help with verb conjugation?

Spanish Verbs Conjugation – With No Memorization!

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    Master verb tenses naturally: learn the conjugations of common Spanish verbs AMAR , TEMER, PARTIR, SER, ESTAR, DORMIR, IR, PEDIR, PODER, HABER, TENER, and JUGAR.
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    Effective repetition exercises to build your reflexes: each 3-4 minute drill will help you develop an instinct to choose the correct verb forms.
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    Practice your pronunciation: over 14 hours of audio narrated by a native Spanish speaker.

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Anastasia is a Chicago, Illinois native. She began studying Spanish over 10 years ago, and hasn’t stopped since. Living in Spain since 2012, she loves Spanish tortilla, vino tinto, and anything that contains jamón ibérico.