50 Common Spanish Phrases


BY Ana

February 13, 2019

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Traveling to a Spanish-speaking country soon? Or are you planning to learn Spanish? If you're looking for a list of common Spanish phrases, I’m happy to share with you this useful list.

This list of phrases is not only useful when you’re on travel, it's also great for beginners learning Spanish.

50 common spanish phrases

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10 Most Common Spanish Phrases

We'll start with 10 of the most common ones then proceed to the bigger list. Then let's all wrap it up with a short quiz. Ready?

1. Hola - Hello

The first thing you need to know is how to say hello in Spanish. Hola may be used with anyone--formal or informal. 

2. Buenos días - Good morning

Greet someone a cheery nice day with this phrase.

3. Buenas tardes - Good afternoon

When you meet someone in the afternoon, this is the appropriate greeting to use. 

4. Buenas noches - Good evening

When evening rolls in, it's time to say buenas noches! 

5. Adiós - Goodbye

When there's hello, there's goodbye. Say adiós when it's time to part ways!

6. ¿Cómo estás? - How are you? 

¿Cómo estás? is the informal way to ask how someone is, so remember to use it with friends or family. In formal situations or when meeting someone new, say "¿Cómo está usted?"

7. ¿Cómo te llamas? - What's your name?

Need to ask someone's name in Spanish? Try to memorize this phrase and you're set. 

8. Mi nombre es - My name is

Aside from this phrase, you can also learn more about how to introduce yourself in Spanish with this article

9. Lo siento - I'm sorry

Let's say you accidentally pushed someone and need to apologize. Lo seinto is how you do it. But there are other ways to say sorry, too, such as perdón or lo lamento.

10. Te amo - I love you

When love is in the air and you need to let those big feelings out,  te amo is all there is to say. You can also check out this list of romantic Spanish phrases for more. 

But of course, we promised 50 common Spanish phrases and that's what you're getting here. See more phrases listed below!

Spanish Common Phrases

¡Alto! / ¡Detente!Stop!
¡Ayuda! / ¡Socorro!Help!
¡Buena suerte!Good luck!
¡Cuánto tiempo sin verlo(a)!Long time no see
¡Déjame en paz!Leave me alone!
¡Feliz cumpleaños!Happy Birthday!
¡Feliz navidad!Merry Christmas!
¡Llame a la policía!Call the police!
¿Cómo estás?How are you?
¿Cómo te llamas?What's your name?
¿Cuánto cuesta esto?How much is this?
¿De dónde eres?Where are you from?
¿Dónde está el baño?Where's the toilet?
¿Habla inglés?Do you speak English?
¿Pasa algo?Is there something wrong?
¿Puedo entrar?Can I come in?
¿Qué hora es?What time is it?
¿Quieres bailar conmigo?Would you like to dance with me?
Buen provechoHave a nice meal
Buen viajeHave a good journey
Buenas nochesGood evening
Buenas tardesGood afternoon
Buenos díasGood morning
DisculpeExcuse me
Entiendo / ComprendoI understand
GraciasThank you
Llámame cuando lleguesCall me when you arrive
Lo lamentoI'm sorry
Me voy a casaI'm going home
Mi nombre esMy name is
Mucho gustoNice to meet you
Necesito ir a…I need to go to…
No entiendo / No comprendoI don't understand
No hay de quéNo problem (reply to thank you)
No sé / No lo séI don't know
No tengo ideaI have no idea
Por favorPlease
Puede repetirlo, ¿Por favor?Can you say that again?
Que te mejoresGet well soon
Que tengas un buen díaHave a nice day
Regreso en un momentoI'll be right back
Soy de…I'm from…
Te amo / Te quieroI love you
Te extrañoI miss you
Ven conmigoCome with me

Before jumping into the quiz, you can also check out the video below to learn How to Create a Simple Spanish Sentence.

Mini Quiz

Time for a mini quiz to check what you learned! 

1. What is "how are you ?" in Spanish?

Click to reveal the correct answer

2. What does "Buen provecho" mean?

Click to reveal the correct answer

3. True or False: Buenos dias means Good afternoon.

Click to reveal the correct answer

4. How do you say, "I don't understand" in Spanish?

Click to reveal the correct answer

5. When someone says, "Te extraño", he/she ______ you.

Click to reveal the answer.


There you have it. What do you think is the most useful phrase on this list? And what phrase do you think should be here but weren’t included? Leave your replies in the comments! But don’t worry, there will be more of these lists soon, so stay tuned!

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About the author 

Anastasia is a Chicago, Illinois native. She began studying Spanish over 10 years ago, and hasn’t stopped since. Living in Spain since 2012, she loves Spanish tortilla, vino tinto, and anything that contains jamón ibérico.

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