Spanish Daily Routine Vocabulary: 65 Words for Daily Activities


August 2, 2017

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What’s your daily routine like? Do you wake up at 7, go for a jog, take a shower, get dressed, and then go to work? Regardless of what your routine is, here is a useful list of Spanish vocabulary to help you express your daily activities.

Spanish Daily Routine

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despertarseto wake up
levantarseto get up
ir al bañoto go to the bathroom
tender la camato make the bed
desayunarto have breakfast
desvestirseto get undressed
bañarseto shower
vestirseto get dressed
peinarseto brush your hair
cepillarse los dientesto brush your teeth
maquillarseto put on make-up
afeitarseto shave
prepararseto get ready
ir a trabajarto go to work
ir a la escuelato go to school
manejarto drive
tomar el autobústo catch the bus
trabajarto work
estudiarto study
ir a casato go home
llegar a casato get home
cocinarto cook
comerto eat
comerto have lunch
hacer deporteto play sports
hacer ejercicioto do some exercise
pasearto go for a ride
andar en bicicletato ride a bicycle
patinarto skate
ir a caminarto go for a walk
ir de comprasto go shopping
pasear al perroto take the dog for a walk
irse de fiestato go to a party
cenarto have dinner
recoger la mesato clear the table
descansarto rest
ver la televisiónto watch TV
escuchar músicato listen to music
jugarto play
tocar un instrumentoto play an instrument
reunirse con los amigosto meet up with friends
hacer la tareato do the homework
lavar los platosto do the dishes
lavar la ropato do the laundry
leer un libroto read a book
usar la computadorato use the computer
charlarto chat
enviar un emailto send an email
llamar por teléfonoto call
poner la mesato set the table
limpiar la casato clean the house
barrerto sweep
aspirarto vacuum
sacudir el polvoto dust
plancharto iron
trapearto mop
darle de comer al perroto feed the dog
regar las plantasto water the plants
sacar la basurato take out the trash
poner el despertadorto set the alarm clock
acostarseto go to bed
dormirseto sleep
soñarto dream
quedarse dormidoto oversleep

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Daily Routine Vocabulary

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