Annabel Beilby

Annabel is a language-enthusiast from the UK. She studied Spanish and French at the University of Southampton (with an Erasmus study year in Madrid!) and recently graduated. She has interests across the Spanish-speaking world, and is a fan of language in general.

Articles by Annabel Beilby

How to Express Annoyance and Indignation in Spanish TH

How to Express Annoyance and Indignation in Spanish

¡Ay, caramba! You may have heard this phrase before, but do you know what it

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Spanish Relative Pronouns Lesson

An Easy Guide to Spanish Relative Pronouns

In this article, we’ll be looking at what Spanish relative pronouns are, and how to

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Singular And Plural Nouns in Spanish Lesson

Singular and Plural Nouns

¡Buenos días! Today we’re looking at how to make singular nouns plural! The only background

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numbers in Spanish

A Quick Guide to Numbers in Spanish

This article is going to focus on numbers! Clearly, they’re an important part of any

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Common Spanish Verbs - Haber th

All about the verb haber

The verb haber (‘to have’/’to be’) is an unusual but really useful Spanish verb that

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Quiz: What’s Your Language Learning Style?

Do you know what learning style works best for you? Based on the VAK learning

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