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10 Fun Ways to Learn Spanish Throughout the Day

Fun Ways to Learn Spanish

Learning a foreign language requires a lot more than just spending a few hours a week in a classroom.It’s a process that takes dedication and focus to be fluent at it.But you know what makes it easier? If you’re having fun learning the language! If you are really in this for the long haul and won’t […]

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10 Best Spanish Novels to Improve your Spanish — for All Levels

Spanish Novels Learn Spanish

One of the best ways to learn a foreign language is through “authentic materials” or, simply put, things that were originally produced in the language. Reading books written in Spanish is not only a great way to improve your language skills, but also helps to teach you a lot about the culture that created it! […]

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Spanish Idioms Quiz: How Many of These Do You Know?

Spanish Idioms Quiz

How do you fare with Spanish idioms? Here’s a Spanish idioms quiz to test how much you know! Idioms are an integral part of a language–a part only the most advanced foreign language students can use with ease. Let’s see if you’re one of those! For more quizzes like this, check out the following:  Only True […]

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Spanish Stereotype Quiz: Which One Describes You Best?

Spanish Stereotype Quiz

Ever wonder what Spanish stereotype you would belong to? Every country has its own stereotypes. Spain, for instance, has plenty of stereotypes floating around out there. Some are true, some not so much, while others are outrageous and completely false. Still, stereotypes can give us a window into a another culture’s lifestyle. Here in this […]

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Spanish Grammar Lesson: Direct vs Indirect Speech

Spanish Grammar Lesson

The difference between direct and indirect speech (also called reported speech) is pretty easy to understand.   But it’s not very easy to apply when speaking in a foreign language. It is a very important part of communicating, however, and plays an major role in most conversations. Read on for a quick introduction and guide […]

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Only True Spanish Enthusiasts Can Pass This Spanish Slang Quiz

Spanish Slang Quiz

Fancy a little Spanish slang quiz? If you want to fit in with the locals, you have to talk like one! Slang isn’t always taught in classes or books. It’s something you learn from native speakers. This quiz will give you an idea if you can fit in with the native Spanish speakers in Spain. […]

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An Introduction to Spanish Prepositions

Spanish prepositions pinterest

Prepositions are small words that pack a big punch. They define, identify, and explain, and are an essential part of everyday speech. They help you identify the girl with the long hair, and you need them to explain that dinner is on the table. It’s almost impossible to say a single sentence without (see what […]

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The Imperative Voice in Spanish

Imperative voice spanish

Giving commands is an important part of speaking a language. In Spanish, commands are very important and frequently used in daily speech. Read on for a quick introduction to this very useful element of the language! Before We Dive in Too Deep… Obviously everyone knows what a command is. In English, forming the commands is […]

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A Quick Shortcut to Spanish Tenses

shortcut spanish tenses guide

Spanish tenses can be complicated and cause countless headaches to any learner. While learning the complicated ins and outs of each of the different tenses is necessary to really take your Spanish to a more fluent level, there are a few shortcuts you can use to help you get there! It is possible to use […]

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Best Spanish Movies to Enjoy with the Whole Family

10 Best Spanish movies for the entire family th

You know what’s a fun way to brush up on your Spanish? Watching movies. Movies are wonderful for improving both your listening comprehension and vocabulary. While there are tons of great Spanish movies out there, not all of them are appropriate for little ears or for sitting down to watch with older folks. Want to […]

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